About Us

It has been seen that in this new market conditions, where the change has taken place very rapidly in today's world and everything is global, it is not possible for the companies to survive without following this process.

Umran Maden Tah. The construction company, Izhar Construction and Sahir Associate together with group companies took part in major projects around the world. So far, group companies have implemented major projects in Pakistan's Lahore Region, such as more than 14,000 luxury homes, dam construction and airport projects. Relevant details on completed and ongoing projects can be found at www.sahirs.com and www.izhar.com.

Our group has started its first project in Turkey under the name of Ümran Maden Construction Company with the construction of luxury residence with sea view in Yalova. The first stage project of 80 sqm land has been started and sold. Houses offered for sale under the name of Erguvan houses offer an indescribable quality of life together with modern living areas, sea view and unique green areas. Ümran Maden Insaat, along with other group companies, aims to be among the first 5 groups of Turkey in the following years.